4am Trip to Lake Arrowhead - Sony A7rii + DJI Phantom 3 Pro

So earlier this week as i waited patiently for my new Sony A7Rii, i decided to plan a inspirational trip with my creative collegues. We had great talks along the way, but everyone shared the common topic of DRIVE. What is Drive to you? 
Enjoy some of my Favorite work shot on DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Sony A7rii

El Mirage | Dry Lake Shoot | Collab

El Mirage | Dry Lake Shoot | Collab

Shooting in the desert with great people is always a great idea. 
i've been wanting to shoot in a dry lake bed for a while now, and recently the opportunity came to go out and shoot with my photographer brothers Jessi Peña & Elmer Escobar.
So couple days ago Jessi hit me up that he wanted to shoot something because he was leaving out of the country again and that he was eager to collab on a shoot. so i hit up elmer and he was down so we picked a day and got pumped for it.  The night before the shoot, i thought it would be cooler if we had someone better looking than us to be the subject. so i hit up my artist/musician friend Ladi, who is always up for creative shoots, the night before and luckily she was available. So i coordinated styling and feel for the shoot. Really pumped how it came out. 

Here are some of my photos from the shoot including quick BTS of my bros shooting as well. 

Link to Elmer's Post :

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